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For any gas compression application in  where it is essential to avoid oil contamination of the gas or the system in which it is being used, Ingersoll Rand have a range of rotary screw compressors designed to produce “Oil free“ air. This product is particularly used in pneumatic conveying systems where product contamination can be expensive. These single-stage screw compressor sets are produced as standard units and suitably customised with an extensive range of accessories and optional configurations which can provide customised solutions. To meet the majority of requirements, pressures are available to 4,6 bar abs (52.7 Psig) or vacuums down to 190 mbar abs (5.6 “Hg abs).


Screw compressors are an optimum solution for all applications requiring oil-free gases:

  • Pneumatic conveying of bulk materials in the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries, cement works...
  • Sewage treatment (aeration) and drinking water treatment (ozonation)...
  • Vacuum handling systems in the paper industry, printing shops, glassworks...
  • Filter cleaning in the mining, iron, and steel industries.
  • Homogenisation, fluidisation, desulphurisation of combustion gases.
  • Vacuum units.
  • Pressurisation of ballasts.
  • Aeronautical applications (jet engines starters).


The screw compressor is manufactured by our sister company GHH-RAND and is the best of its type in the Market today.

  • With the highest level of technical proficiency and many years of experience. We are able to produce a product with high performance and long life expectancy.
  • Technical excellence is not only an optimised calculation of the clearances between body and rotor itself but also the use of very special coating obtained through a gradual development and improvement process to reach precision and stability against corrosion, temperature and time.

Best practice is also achieved by the high quality anti-friction bearings.

The air-end body is manufactured from high grade cast iron and is directly connected to an integral gearbox.

The pump is driven mechanically from main shaft off the gearbox.

  • The lubrication system consists of an integral oil tank and external air heat exchanger which guarantees an optimum temperature.
  • The entire unit is designed to be compact and simple to operate. 


Shaft seals are designed to prevent any oil leakage towards the compression chamber, and successively combine ring seals, labyrinth seals, and non-retaining rings, thus making compression absolutely oil-free.

Configuration example

1. Compressor
2. Motor
3. Coupling
4. Coupling guard
5. Common base frame
6. Suction silencer
7. Air filter
8. Oil pressure relief
9. Air safety valve
10. Heat exchanger for oil cooling
11. Elastic pads
12. Actuated vent valve
13. Connecting pipe
14. Check valve > (200 C)
15. Flexible below
16. Customer connecting pipe
17. Air fan
HCS09, HCS14
HCS26, HCS42, HCS72
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